Behind The Brand

Making a bold statement in an over saturated world, Retro Refine offers the cure for mundane and the generic. In the time of "fast fashion", Retro Refine allows for quality and aesthetics to be standard. Vintage Clothes does not have to look dated and corny at Retro we Refine it. We streamline Fashion waste while optimizing wardrobes. I know firsthand how overwhelming and time-consuming finding this season's coveted pieces can be. We make it easy. Shop Ship Stunt Repeat!

Here is some background. I’ve been a Fashion Stylist since 2010 (Transitioned from modeling in Undergrad) styling for some of the top agencies in NYC and the World (Ford, Click, Wilhelmina). I know firsthand the relevance and individuality vintage can give to a look, I call it the “Standout Slay”. With vintage it's not about dressing backward it's about embracing something that is classic that will always work no matter what!

On August 30, 2018, (my Grandmothers Birthday) I launched RetroRefined LLC. Rightfully Harlem based and inspired by Black Fashion, Culture, and Cinema and founded under the principles of Integrity and Ingenuity. Retro Refined fuses runway influence and contemporary trends with classic Vintage Apparel to create a unique and modern aesthetic.

Born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn. I come from a hard-working Haitian Family that immigrated to the U.S in the late 60s- Early 70s (we didn't all get here at the same time). I am the granddaughter of Rose Fanie Augustin. The women that molded and shaped me into the person I am today. Regrettable, she died when I was 17. I started Retro Refined as a love letter to my grandma. Once, completely heartbroken and grieving Vintage has become my obsession and lifestyle. It's not just a store - it's what I wear, collect, and love. I look forward to sharing that with you.

Happy Shopping

Fabby Marceline

Pitit Pitit Rose Fanie Et Joseph Marcel Augustin