Style Aesthetic:

We are immersed in the world of fashion and considered Fashion Alum. Religiously follow the runways, street style, magazines, blogs, and celebrity & cult icon fashion to stay informed while forecasting trends. Vintage continues to inspire the Runway and soon your closet.

Curating Collections:

We are a Harlem Based Brand. The Bulk of our items are sourced locally. We work with some of Harlem’s Top Tier Dealers to bring you quality Ready to wear Vintage Garments.


We use a modern American sizing chart and provides accurate measurements in each description. PLEASE REFER TO MEASUREMENTS FOR BEST FIT.


We always have a wide variety of up to the minute fashions from multiple eras ranging from the '50s through the '80s. Our entire inventory changes weekly with an entirely new set of dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, and more.

Fast Service:

We aim for you to have your garments in the shortest amount of time possible. In almost all cases, we ship within one business day of receiving payment (often we ship the same day).


Every piece curated with care and detail. After carefully inspecting each item - we remove stains, sew, mend, hem, and repair each garment. Our item descriptions are accurate and list any flaws that we are unable to fix.